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A Sleek Modern Kitchen in a late 20th C home
- Bromley, SE London

This kitchen was a warren of small rooms with heavy dark units closing it in. Storage was a problem and the client could never find a place for everything.

We knocked out two sets of walls to create this lovely airy open space. With storage for everything and even a built in extractor to not disturb the lines.

The client says 'everything is where it should be and it is so easy to keep clean and looking nice'.





Cashmere kitchen, Bromley

They say

"Having Mia on board to design our bathroom for us was exactly what we needed. I was looking for someone to hold my hand from start to finish - and she did. She was so clear and specific about things that it was easy to feel complete trust in her, and the end result was really special."

Gemma, Hastings

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