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Bespoke walnut warm neutral family kitchen - Edwardian house -
Streatham Common, London


This gorgeous Edwardian family home had ample space but a dated kitchen and an empty family space. 

We created a beautiful bespoke walnut, brass and neutral kitchen, tailored to the family's needs and a spacious but warm family space next door.

With a clever 'family hub' tucked away to catch all the bit's n' pieces of family life (everyone has their own basket).


Date DECEMBER 2023

Kitchen supplier Kraus Kitchens
Photography Home Outlook Photography

Edwardian Family Kitchen

They say

"Having Mia on board to design our bathroom for us was exactly what we needed. I was looking for someone to hold my hand from start to finish - and she did. She was so clear and specific about things that it was easy to feel complete trust in her, and the end result was really special."

Gemma, Hastings

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