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honest – approachable – hard working - excellent style
fun / personable / genuine / cool / funny / passionate / dedicated / determined

Hi, I’m Mia, interior designer and founder of House By Mia. I create beautiful spaces for everyday living.

My daughter says I’m ‘fussy, but in a good way, you like things to be right!’, it’s true, I do like everything to be right – including every detail of your design.

House by Mia was born in 2015, when I couldn’t hold this passion back any longer. I bring 15+ years of corporate project and graphic design experience, an MA in design as well as art curation and food writing with me. I invest all of this rich experience into my work every day.

As a working professional with a family of my own, I understand your pressures and how putting together a house/room can seem overwhelming with all the choices on offer and decisions to make. I am here to sweep the overwhelm away.

I genuinely care about enhancing your life and will work to make sure my design does that for you. You can trust that I will respect your feelings, come to your space without judgment and work hard to solve your design problems.

Mia Spencer, interior designer

They say

"Having Mia on board to design our bathroom for us was exactly what we needed. I was looking for someone to hold my hand from start to finish - and she did. She was so clear and specific about things that it was easy to feel complete trust in her, and the end result was really special."

Gemma, Hastings

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