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A Slice of Design:

single issue design help

colour consultation, furniture sourcing and more...

Not ready for the full design package? Need just a bit of help working out a design issue, choosing colours or sourcing an item? Then the slice of design package is the one for you.

Prices are from £750 for a focused block of my time where you can pick my brains about any design issue you need help with.

Some examples of problems I can help solve:

  • Write a builder spec to avoid surprise extras at the end of your build

  • Review kitchen showroom or architect floorplans for liveability

  • Source a particular piece of furniture/lighting (including vintage)

  • Get a drawing made for a bespoke piece of furniture (+ my recommendation for a skilled carpenter to build it)

  • Choose paint for your walls

  • Select art for your walls.

If this package isn’t right for you check out the design package, the eDesign package or the luxe package.

Ready to get started? Got more questions? No problem, get in touch to have a chat.

They say

"Having Mia on board to design our bathroom for us was exactly what we needed. I was looking for someone to hold my hand from start to finish - and she did. She was so clear and specific about things that it was easy to feel complete trust in her, and the end result was really special."

Gemma, Hastings

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