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What does an interior designer actually do?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Mia Spencer - Interior Designer

1 Space planning

Space planning drawing

On many projects we start work with the bones of a project - the space planning. We work the interior architecture into its optimal form for comfortable living, drawing flat plans and renders that builders can work from. For straightforward extensions etc. you can forgo an architect and just use a designer. On more complex developments designer and architect work as a team. A designer is an excellent addition because they are always focused on the needs of the people using the space.

We make the process easy, cutting through overwhelm, solving marital disputes and avoiding painful mistakes. If you want to eliminate all the worry when taking on a big project without experience then get in touch for a chat...

2 Kitchen and bathroom design

Kitchen sketch render

We work to design the best functioning space for your needs. With the advantages over a kitchen/bathroom shop in that:

  • we are not tied to selling you a particular product, in fact we have many suppliers and many discounts we can provide;

  • we have the time to work out exactly what you need and take a holistic view of the whole house to create a space that will fit well into it;

  • we are there for the execution (and the dozens and dozens of queries along the way).

My job is to support you through a renovation and leave you with a working space that will be a delight to use. Get in touch to have a no obligation chat to see how I can help...

3 - Colour schemes and furnishings

Example of colour schemes for a kitchen

This is probably the most obvious. There is careful crafting to discover your perfect style (I find out what you need, what you like and elevate it to the next level). From there I’ll work on a colour scheme that pleases your eye and works with the nature of the light in your rooms. No more colour swatch patches clashing on your walls, often not quite hitting the mark, instead a professional selection you can be confident choosing from. And with big ticket items like sofas and beds we have trusted suppliers (with trade discounts) so you know you are spending your money wisely.

Let me help you create your dream home...

4 - Art selection

Art hanging on a blue wall

If your walls are looking a bit bare a designer can help you find art that you’ll love and will fit your walls. We know lots of galleries, have Pinterest boards to get you started and can even take you around an art fair to do some shopping. Art is a particular passion of mine and I delight in finding pieces that you will adore. Like the jewellery on an outfit it will finish your space like nothing else.

I can also work with the art you already have, advising how to frame it, where to hang it and whether you need any additional pieces to compliment it.

Call me to find out more about how I can help get those walls finished...

5 - General design help

Mia Spencer

If you’re decorating yourself and are quite confident about your choices or are worried they aren’t quite working, you can book in a short session to pick my brains. Usually this is a half day (3.5 hours) where I come to you and we can go through your selections and I can advise on tweaks to layout, furniture selections, colour choices etc. But times can be tailored to your needs.

So to sum up, a designer helps at every stage of a build/renovation/room refresh to support you and elevate the finished product. We do everything from layouts to kitchen and bath plans, colour schemes and furnishings to art selection all focused on your particular needs. Decorating and building projects can be expensive and stressful, working with a professional designer ensures you aren’t making expensive mistakes.

Let’s take the worry out of your next design steps so you end up with a home you are proud of showing off...

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