Serene Bedrooms and a New Entrance - Wimbledon London 

The clients’ bedrooms were plain and unloved, voile curtains and pale lilac or blue walls, uninspiring and not inviting for owners or guests. The hallway was cluttered and the beautiful stained glass was lost behind heavy curtains. We stripped everything bare and started again.

Downstairs we put in a new floor, lengthwise planks to guide you through the hallway and a gorgeous herringbone runner up the stairs, added a key spot and shoe and coat provision and a fresh and lovely French Grey palette. We pulled colours from the stained glass into the lighting, the glass now shines with pride of place in the entrance. 

Upstairs we created a serene sanctuary in the guest room with beautiful wallpaper and a pale palette, there is lots of colour in here but it is all delicate shades to keep things interesting but calm. In the master bedroom we used a spray of this fabulous liberty wallpaper, tempered by soft blue walls, with lots of reflective surfaces, rich fabrics and black punctuation.

‘ Sleeping in a room that is a work of art makes everything seem better.’






JUNE 2017

They say

"Having Mia on board to design our bathroom for us was exactly what we needed. I was looking for someone to hold my hand from start to finish - and she did. She was so clear and specific about things that it was easy to feel complete trust in her, and the end result was really special."

Gemma, Hastings

Blue wall with flower arrangement

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